History in the Time of Pandemics: Essays and Bibliographies

An Open Peer Review Project of the IsisCB

The special issue has now been published in the journal Isis, and you can find the entire open access issue [at this link]. The IsisCB Pandemics Special Issue consists of over 20 commissioned essays and bibliographies listed below. Clicking on the [Submission & Review Files] link to each essay will take you to the status page for that essay where you can read each version of the essay and bibliography alongside the peer reviews and editors' reports. Clicking on the [Published Version] link will take you to the final published article and bibliography. You can read more about the project, the unique open review process, and the publication here. As of this writing, we are still commisioning essays that will be published online in later supplements of Isis. (Note: Some essays below appear in multiple sections.)

    New Essays Under Review in 2024

    • 1. A French language historiography of epidemics and pandemics [Submission & Review Files]
    •           Guillaume Linte (University of Lausanne)
    •           Paul-Arthur Tortosa (University of Strasbourg)
    •           Toily Anicet Zran (Alassane Ouattara University)
    • 2. Locating Epidemics in African Historiography [Submission & Review Files]
    •           Susan Iseyen (Princeton University)
    •           Kieth Wailoo (Princeton University)

    Part B. Essays and bibliographies with a chronological, geographical, or linguistic focus

      6. Contextualizing pandemic historiography: scholarship in different languages

      • 1. History of Epidemics: A Bibliographical Essay on Secondary Sources in Italian and on Italy [Submission & Review Files]  [Published Version]
      •           Maria Conforti (Sapienza Università di Roma)
      • 2. History of Pandemics: A bibliographical Essay on Secondary Sources in German [Submission & Review Files]  [Published Version]
      •           Heiner Fangerau (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf)
      •           Ulrich Koppitz (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf)
      •           Alfons Labisch (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf)
      • 3. Mapping the French Landscape of Secondary Literature about Epidemics and Epidemiology [Submission & Review Files]
      •           Gladys Kostyrka (University of Edinburgh)
      • 4. History of Pandemics in Latin America [Submission & Review Files]  [Published Version]
      •           José Ragas (Instituto de Historia – Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)
      • 5. Epidemic Histories in East Asia [Submission & Review Files]  [Published Version]
      •           Robert Peckham (University of Hong Kong)
      •           Mei Li (Canada)

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